Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Peaches This Year....Many, Many Peaches

I know, it's really hard to see because everything in the background is green too, but this is my peach tree (with some roses in the flower garden to this side of it). It is loaded again with peaches this year. I haven't done a thing to the tree, no pruning, no fertilizing, no nothing. It is just out there growing on its own beside the house. We haven't even used the peaches I already canned. Three people apparently don't eat many peaches...I really don't know why we haven't eaten them. When there is only three of you, big meals aren't necessary or meals that take a lot of time --when you all work, so we just haven't done anything with the peaches.
I must say that at one time I thought to be self sufficient as far as fruit went, you would need several trees of each kind of fruit to get enough to last you a year but now I think one of each fruit you really like with maybe a couple apple trees (since apples are used for more things) and a few berry bushes (if you don't have wild ones to pick) would be more than enough.

I will be lucky if the branches don't break and I know you are supposed to take some off if they get heavy enough to break the branches. The rain we have had lately has bent them down quite far and I may have to take some off soon but I usually don't. We'll see how it goes. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Recipes from Gram's Recipe Box- Cakes/Candy

A lot of the recipes in my grandmother's recipe box tend to have ingredients with no or very few, instructions. That is because she already knew what to do with the ingredients and didn't waste time and space writing down what she didn't have to. Today I'll share some of the dessert or candy recipes from the box.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Little Harvest

A couple days ago I picked these off of my one pepper plant and two tomato plants. Not much I know but I am pretty happy to have them. I guess I feel like as long as I am growing something it will be alright until we get in a place where we can really have a decent garden.

I got rid of most of the little pullets from all those chicks I hatched....I gave them away....I hadn't intended to...and I didn't give them all away but a neighbor had her dog get into her pen that had mysteriously gotten open one day (possibly from an neighborhood kid) and her dogs killed all her chickens except 3 roosters. I didn't actually know her she lives on the dirt road next to ours but I had met her on facebook and told her to come get some of my "extras". I gave her 6 pullets. And then another really good friend asked if I had a couple of hens she could get and I said yes so she came and got two pullets. I do still have 6 of the young hens to add to my flock and, of course, lots of roosters.

Well, this post got delayed. Several things going on right now and I am just trying to keep up. I have gotten three more tomatoes but no more peppers. The pepper plant seems to be dying, maybe better soil next year.
I did get a whole bunch of nice big pots sitting beside the dumpster at our little convenience store. I think they will make good potato pots for next year!